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Years of Telecommunications Development Experience


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Tower builds


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DEVELOPING the world
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GlenMartin invests toward the modernization of infrastructure.

We seek to bring communities around the world closer together through

synergistic market strategies.



our mission

For the past 30 years, GlenMartin developed extensive telecommunication, power generation and power transmission infrastructure throughout North, Central, and South America.    We seek to build upon our 100 years of legacy.    


In the previous 5 years, we’ve raised over $250 million in equity to modernize rural communities.


These investments successfully sold based on the strategic initiatives of the investors. Our most recent transaction occurred in North America in 2019 with the sale of BlueBird Network to Macquarie Infrastructure & Assets.


That was just the beginning.


GlenMartin seeks to elevate quality of construction and standards throughout the world through sustainable investments.  Excellent preplanning, project scoping, optimized design and budgeting that intersects with the long-term goals of the development drives return and value in a development.    Let us introduce you to a new standard in private equity that:

        -Integrates development within our investment strategies. “We are builders.”

        -Supports through integrated market research, accounting, financial planning, 

         budgeting and process tracking.

        -Assemble value through acquisition that build synergistic relationships and benefit 

         our existing partners.

        -Scale through increased efficiency.  “Expect what you inspect”.  

through the years

humble beginnings

(W.C. Martin & Son Machine Shop and Welding)

W.C. Martin establishes a small blacksmith's workshop in the countryside of Missouri.

Inheriting the business

(LEFT: Robert "Glen" Martin next to his father William Christopher Martin)

Glen Martin inherits the company from his father W.C, moves back from Chicago to Missouri, and builds upon his tool & die company.

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