MF-0100 Fold Over Tower


Check out this revolutionary fold over tower with a tilt over design created by the innovative team at GlenMartin. The MF-0100 is GlenMartin’s ultimate in fold over structure design. The tilt over tower unit offers extreme capacity at maximum height (100′ Fold Over height). Contact us for more information.

General Specifications:

H, Tower height 93.4 ft From design
C.G., Tower weight 38.9 ft From model
W1, Tower weight 12106 lb From design

Select Design Parameters

L1, Pivot A to Pivot P 59.69 in Design input by GlenMartin
L2, Pivot A to Pivot B 55.31 in Design input by GlenMartin
L3, Pivot B to Pivot P 65.69 in Piston sheath length, Design input by JHF
α, Tilt angle 34 degree Varying, Tower tilt up/down angle between 0 – 90 degree
Ф, AB vs. Horizontal 69.5 degree Varying with L1, L2, and L3
β, Piston angle 36.5 degree Varying with tilt angle, Angle between piston centerline and tower centerline during tilt up/down
L4, Piston total length 90.4 in Pump piston stroke plus fixed portion length
Piston stroke length 24.69 in Pump piston extended distance for the installation
L5, Riser height 51.8 in Pole base riser length
L6, Point C to B 19.3 in Pole base edge to hydraulic seating

Design Moments

Arm length for W1, rw1 32.2 ft Tower weight arm length
Arm length for W2, rw2 77.4 ft Turbine weight arm length
Arm length for F1, rf1 26.1 ft Tower wind arm length
Arm length for F2, rf2 52.2 ft Turbine wind arm length
Moment tower weight, Mw1 390.1 k-ft Moment from tower weight, W1 x rw1
Moment turbine weight, Mw2 334.3 k-ft Moment from Turbine weight, W2 x rw1
Moment tower wind, Mf1 8.5 k-ft Moment from wind on tower, F1 x rf1
Moment turbine wind, Mf2 4.7 k-ft Moment from wind force on turbine, F2 x rf2
Total moment for installation 737.6 k-ft Summation of all momnet
Pole designed O.T.M 1002.5 k-ft This is the designed capacity at base of the pole – 132mph wind

SKU: MF-0100