LR-8400 Lightning Rod Kit

Lighting Rod
Lighting Rod

ORDER #: LR-8400

Minimum Order Requirement:  This lightning protection rod assembly is sold to our master dealers with minimum volume commitments of 25 units. Call our approved dealers for individual unit pricing and availability and to learn more about our lighting rod kit and accompanying antenna mounting hardware.


GlenMartin lightning rod kits provide protection against dangerous lightning storms. Protect your rotators, antennas, and other components with our high-quality antenna lightning protection kit. The lightning rod kit is clamped to the highest point on the mast. Next, a continuous piece of copper wire is run all the way to the ground rod.


  • 1-18” Polished Aluminum Point
  • Mast Clamp
  • Ground Wire Clamp
  • 5/8” x 8’ Copper Clad Ground Rod
  • Brass Rod Clamps (2)

Weight 12 lbs.

SKU: LR-8400