Our History

With over 100 years of business, our new direction aims to integrate modern concepts with the rich heritage of our original brand to allow further adaptation to a constantly changing world.

Founded in Missouri as W.C. Martin & Son Machine Shop in 1918, to manufacturing Crock Pots in the 1960s, GlenMartin always focused on enhancing the quality of life and promoting economic development in under-served markets around the globe.

This approach to business stayed consistent when GlenMartin entered the world of developing extensive telecommunication infrastructure, both in the United States and in central and South America in the 1980s.

After the sale of BlueBird Network in 2019, GlenMartin aims to invest in the modernization of key communication infrastructure, renewable energy, and marketplace strategies worldwide.



Through the years

humble beginnings

(W.C. Martin & Son Machine Shop and Welding)

William Christopher Martin establishes a small blacksmith's workshop in the countryside of Missouri.

Inheriting the business

(LEFT: Robert "Glen" Martin next to his father William Christopher)

Glen Martin inherits the company from his father William Christopher, moves back from Chicago to Missouri, and builds upon his tool & die company.

1960 - 1970
The Appliance REvolution


GlenMartin wins contract to produce the top appliances for a growing American middle-class.

Glen Martin Engineering


GlenMartin Engineering, Inc. was opened to begin the advancement of telecommunication structures. The Hazer was developed – to make it easier to transport antennas up and down a tower. 

Late 1980's
Late 1980's
The Foldover tower


SSI reached out in the late’80s - wanted to utilize GM tech to create RWIS structure (Road weather info system) 

Created the “Aluminum Foldover Tower” that revolutionized the industry. SSI quickly asked for 50+ towers to be built across the mid-west and northern states.

1990 - 1999
the Transition


Rapid growth in the 90's allowed for expansion outside the US. The company's expanded offering included turnkey construction services and project management. 

By this time, Chris Martin, the grand son of Glen Martin, is beginning his college career, while the company seeks to transition to a new industry...

2000 - 2011
Telecom Explosion


The rise of telecommunications resulted in Chris Martin and his 3 brothers fully integrating themselves in the family business.

The experience gained from international and domestic infrastructure development resulted in the brothers paving the way for the continued success of GlenMartin.

Eventually, the brothers would create their own successful businesses through the networks they've built working together. 

2012 - 2018
Continued Success


Glen Martin spent more time with his wife and pursued his passions in technology while his son and grandsons built upon his successes. 

During this time, Chris Martin and his brother started a few infrastructure development companies that eventually led to their years of hard work paying off.

Acquisition by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets

In 2019, the telecommunications infrastructure company founded by the brothers called "BlueBird Network", was acquired by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets - one of the largest infrastructure management groups in the world.

2019 - 2020
Extra Label
A new Era


Following the sale of his previous company, Chris Martin set his sights on new opportunities for innovation. The result of this shift has paved the way for the additional investment into infrastructure and creating a new future for GlenMartin.

The present Day
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