The Benefits of A High Quality B-Bend Foldover Tower


End the Struggle Of Maintenance

One of the most costly components of antenna towers is the price of maintenance. It is inevitable that you will need to access mounted items over time in order to maintain these items. In order to maintain a traditional antenna tower you must employ the use of expensive equipment and specialized technician labor. Fold over towers do precisely what they sound like they do, they fold over, eliminating the need for expensive equipment. So how does a folding tower work?

In order to perform maintenance on a foldover tower (B-BEND), you only have to follow some simple steps to service the tower. With a B-Bend, you simply turn a winch. This winch will lower the entire tower as it literally folds in half. This allows you to reach anything located above your normal reach. Instead of hiring a bucket truck for service, you can access any mounted item in a much easier fashion.

Applications for Folding Towers

B-Bend folding towers are excellent for a variety of applications. Any scenario in which a traditional antenna tower would be used is a candidate for this technologically advanced system.

The following are the variety of fold-over tower options and accessories we provide:

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