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A global investment firm that owns & operates Environmentally Sustainable assets in infrastructure & real estate.

We’re here to serve you the best way possible with our years of experience and provide you with the opportunity to be a part of the future.

Our origins trace back to 1918 when William Christopher Martin founded a small blacksmith’s workshop in central Missouri. Since then, GlenMartin has experienced remarkable transformations across  multiple generations. The company has been involved in many industries and has established successful operations in numerous countries.

We emphasize a strong investment portfolio that provides a holistic approach to sustainability. Our historical track record of successful developments in infrastructure and real estate, allow us to promote environmentally-conscious projects that unites society, and creates a healthy structure of corporate governance.

From Boonville, Missouri, Latin America, and even China, we’ve embraced the world and partnered with a diverse set of groups over the years.

From developing the machinery necessary to create the iconic “Crockpot” to the massive towers that telecom companies utilize daily, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation and want to extend our experience to our partners and clients.

Through the years

humble beginnings

(W.C. Martin & Son Machine Shop and Welding)

W.C. Martin establishes a small blacksmith's workshop in the countryside of Missouri.

Inheriting the business

(LEFT: Robert "Glen" Martin next to his father William Christopher Martin)

Glen Martin inherits the company from his father W.C, moves back from Chicago to Missouri, and builds upon his tool & die company.

The Appliance REvolution


Glen Martin wins contract to produce the top appliances for a growing American middle-class.

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One giant leap...

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