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Working DX, A View From Both Sides

There is a lot of information and opinions circulating around about how to work DX. After having spent 12 years in Saudi Arabia and working basically the only active station at the time, HZ1AB, for over 6 years, I have experience with working DX from both sides. My operations were divided between working pile-ups and… read more

What Is the Best Antenna Height?

Many of my ham friends, who know that I have a good knowledge of antennas and propagation, have asked what is a good height, or the best height for a horizontal antenna. To give an answer to this relevant question we need to get information on the desired use of the antenna, on what bands… read more

18 Tips for a Successful Tower Upgrade

A successful tower upgrade requires significant planning and preparation. As with anything in the telecommunication systems industry, it is important to have a well-structured plan before beginning. In that vein our expert telecommunication engineering team has compiled these helpful tips for you to keep in mind when considering a tower upgrade. As always contact our… read more