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Learn More About Our Antenna Tower Mounts & Accessories

Here at GlenMartin we are the industry leaders in infrastructure development. Not only do we provide telecom and utility infrastructure development services, we also provide the highest quality telecom equipment available on the market. Part of what helps our products stand out from the rest is the fact that we are constantly innovating. Our company… read more

The Benefits of A High Quality Folding Tower

When it comes to finding an antenna tower for sale, the options are endless. However, the quality of the product you purchase will determine how worthwhile of an investment you have made. If you are seeking quality antenna towers for sale, you have reached the right place. Here at GlenMartin we are passionate about ensuring… read more

Have You Noticed These Stealthy Antenna Towers?

Antenna towers loom over the skyline and are as common a sight to most city dwellers as cars and buildings. However, there has been an advancement in the concealment of these antenna towers. Due to the ever increasing need for antenna towers throughout all towns and cities, solutions have been created to make antenna towers… read more

Cell on Wheels

When it comes to innovative telecommunication system solutions, we at GlenMartin lead the way. Recently, we were working with a client who needed a solution for a large multi-national oil company pipeline and drilling operations. They needed a satellite and wireless network that could handle their data and communications issues. GlenMartin’s cell on wheels, mobile… read more

Upgrade to an Intelligent Self-Monitoring Tower

Structures continue to be the key method of supporting increased demands for wireless technology. As these demands grow our structures must develop with these demands. Intelligent structures and health monitoring is critical to an improved overall operation. Are most upgrades really warranted? Is the structure actually operating at a critical level that requires appropriate steel reinforcements? Does… read more