2016 GlenMartin Business Plans and Focus

Christopher Martin, CEO, P.E. 1/9/2016 Can everyone believe 2016 is already upon us? 2015 flew by with lots of new and exciting events. The field of wireline and wireless infrastructure communications are converging. Terms such as “HetNet”, “Internet of Things” and “Big Data” are common expressions we all hear about and are experiencing. Interesting enough… read more

GlenMartin Focused on A&E in 2015

Christopher Martin, CEO, P.E. 5/7/2015 GlenMartin has heightened its focus in 2015 within the field of architecture/engineering (A&E) and construction management of communication infrastructure.     We have always had a deep sense of understanding of these facilities but 2015 seems to be our defining year.     Communication infrastructure is rapidly changing with technology advancements.    Laws and regulations… read more