Structural Tower Upgrades

Structural Modification Welding
Structural Modification Welding

Structural upgrades are complex projects requiring a diverse set of skills and expertise. Success depends on finding a group that can bring these pieces together for your project. GlenMartin is ideally fitted to completing these difficult projects. Our multi-disciplined team of structural engineers, fabrication specialists, and construction management experts enable us to offer a truly integrated turnkey approach.

The capture of accurate information is essential to project efficiency. This is likely the single biggest challenge that faces all successful structural upgrade jobs. Our trained site survey/engineering teams are experienced at this mission critical phase of the upgrade process.

That is what makes us a telecommunication systems expert. We truly know what it takes to handle all your telecom equipment needs.

Anchor Fan Plate Upgrade

GlenMartin offers a variety of upgrade solutions including leg half shell reinforcements, tie backs, all thread rod upgrades, core drilling, redundant brace u-bolt brackets, structural bridging, guy wire replacements, torque arm installs, and guy wire plumb/tension. Plumb and tensioning of guy wires is an especially challenging process. Maintaining allowable twist and sway while meeting the prescribed guy tension can be challenging. We utilize nationally accepted TIA methods for guy wire plumb and tension reporting, inspection and installation.

Good practices include integrated work instructions and methods of installation (MOI) or methods of procedures (MOP). An MOI along with dedicated lift plans can be invaluable for a construction crew. These approaches limit possible safety hazards and optimize the amount of time on site. No crew should proceed with a structural upgrade without first consulting a professional telecommunications engineer. Maintaining structural stability during an upgrade is critical to the safety of the crew but additionally to the long-term stable operation of the structure. Attention must be given to the order of the process and the step progression of the installation. We highly recommend for any complicated installation a field engineer supervise the installation.

Proper equipment can be the difference in a modification project. GlenMartin works with crews who are qualified to utilize the specified telecom equipment. Proper equipment that is maintained under certification ensures a job well done and properly performed to specifications.

Guy wire swaps should be handled with care. Depending on the height of the structure and the loading involved temporary guy wires may be required during the swap. On-site supervision will ensure proper steps are being taken to ensure the swap goes smoothly.

Contact us today to learn more about our telecommunication systems services and how we can assist you with everything from a roof antenna to the complexities of telecom equipment. We are here to provide you reliable, professional specialized services.