H-4 Heavy Duty Steel Hazer System for Rohn 20/25


ORDER #: H-4

Minimum Order Requirement:   This assembly is sold to our distributors with minimum volume commitments of 50 units.   Call our approved distributors or dealers for individual unit pricing and availability.


The antenna Hazer works like a simple elevator designed to easily raise and lower your antennas, measuring instruments, rotators, etc.   The H-4 unit is a galvanized steel unit for heavier payload capacities.


  • Top & bottom plates for rotator and thrust bearing
  • Standard winch (W-1101)
  • 100 ft of 1/8″ winch cable (for a 50′ tower)
  • Top pulley
  • All mounting hardware (stainless steel)


  • Towers over 50 feet require additional cabling.
  • Towers equipped with a tailtwister rotator, HR-6010 tailtwister plates are required.


  • For Tower Model: Rohn 20/25G
  • Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel
  • Dead Weight Load: 200lbs
  • Wind Load Ability: 16sqft @ 87mph
  • Wind Load Capacity: 14.4 sq ft @ 80mph; 12 sq ft @ 87 mph
  • Dimmensions: 44″ H x 15-1/4″ W
  • Weight: 49lbs

Manual: Hazer 4