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GlenMartin offers a variety of technical services to support the rapid growth of the Internet, in both the wireline and wireless fields. From fiber route corridor design to telecom tower site design and cell site development, we offer the technical telecommunication engineering services to accomplish your next capital build on time and within budget. GlenMartin’s team of experts offers the forward-thinking telecommunication solutions you need to exceed market demands.


Service-EngineeringFrom coordinating geotechnical and environmental requirements related to challenging utility corridors to precision engineering of foundations and tower structures, our certified professional structural, electrical and civil engineers get the job done. Our telecommunication engineers not only design custom solutions with the utmost precision in strict accordance to IBC codes, but they also sit on the EIA/TIA governing board.

GlenMartin: Innovations for Generations

Some of the tailored solutions GlenMartin offers include: (CALL US AT 800 486-1223 Ext. 1012)

  • Site civil design
  • Site surveys
  • As built inspections and mappings
  • Fiber route and network design
  • Facility layout and design
  • All facets of radio frequency coverage and
  • Antenna design
  • Deep and shallow foundations
  • Structural steel tower and component design
  • Power system design
  • Tower foundation design, drilled piers, pier pad, spread footings and mat foundations
  • Rooftop structural analysis and rooftop investigations
  • Fabrication detailing and weld design (Video: Hobart Institute-Blueprint Reading for Welders and Fitters)
  • Structural details for all vertically elevated applications (silos, grain elevators, cooling structures, etc.)
  • Rooftop and grade level elevated platform design
  • Design of FRP frames, RF friendly
  • Tower upgrade design for all types of towers and their foundations (rock anchors, micro piles, tie backs, etc.)
  • Special inspections, modification inspections and construction inspection of towers and rooftops (TIA, ACI inspections)
  • Water tanks analysis and collocations
  • Antenna mount upgrade
  • Smoke stack analysis and upgrades
  • Solar roof-top structure improvement designs
  • Small cell development, design, planning, municipal memorandums of understanding and permitting

Tower Analysis per TIA-222 Standards: Reference TIA-222-G FAQ

  • Self-supporting
  • Guyed towers
  • Broadcast towers
  • Monopoles
  • Specialty structures


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Call us directly at (800) 486-1223 Ext. 1012, or contact us via email.  We look forward to assisting you with all your telecommunication technology needs.