2018 GlenMartin Brand Acquired

Christopher Martin,  3/24/2018 2018 is a year to get back to basics.    GlenMartin Holding Co, LLC was closed on December 31st 2017.    The GlenMartin brand was sold along with its intellectual property to Locust8.   This acquisition marks a shift in the GlenMartin brand focus.   Locust8 brands include T-BOA and ALTAWERK brands.  Locust8 is… read more

Sensing on Wheels

When it comes to innovative system solutions, we at GlenMartin offer best in class solutions. Recently, we worked with a leading wireless carrier who utilizes our small trailers on wheels to offer best in class wireless services with small cell.    These trailers offer a low cost answer to deployment and are easy to locate… read more

The Benefits of A High Quality B-Bend Foldover Tower

  End the Struggle Of Maintenance One of the most costly components of antenna towers is the price of maintenance. It is inevitable that you will need to access mounted items over time in order to maintain these items. In order to maintain a traditional antenna tower you must employ the use of expensive equipment… read more

Upgrade to an Intelligent Self-Monitoring Tower

Structures continue to be the key method of supporting increased demands for wireless technology. As these demands grow our structures must develop with these demands. Intelligent structures and health monitoring is critical to an improved overall operation. Are most upgrades really warranted? Is the structure actually operating at a critical level that requires appropriate steel reinforcements? Does… read more