2016 GlenMartin Business Plans and Focus

Christopher Martin, CEO, P.E. 1/9/2016 Can everyone believe 2016 is already upon us? 2015 flew by with lots of new and exciting events. The field of wireline and wireless infrastructure communications are converging. Terms such as “HetNet”, “Internet of Things” and “Big Data” are common expressions we all hear about and are experiencing. Interesting enough… read more

GlenMartin Focused on A&E in 2015

Christopher Martin, CEO, P.E. 5/7/2015 GlenMartin has heightened its focus in 2015 within the field of architecture/engineering (A&E) and construction management of communication infrastructure.     We have always had a deep sense of understanding of these facilities but 2015 seems to be our defining year.     Communication infrastructure is rapidly changing with technology advancements.    Laws and regulations… read more

Cell on Wheels

When it comes to innovative telecommunication system solutions, we at GlenMartin lead the way. Recently, we were working with a client who needed a solution for a large multi-national oil company pipeline and drilling operations. They needed a satellite and wireless network that could handle their data and communications issues. GlenMartin’s cell on wheels, mobile… read more

NoMo Development Project

In 2008 GlenMartin was part of an initiative to bring a broadband network backbone to Northern Missouri (NOMO). After years of bringing together government, private industry, and finance a new network was created to serve NOMO and bring tremendous economic potential by bringing the digital revolution to this region. GlenMartin is a forerunner in the… read more

DC Power Generation Innovation

At GlenMartin we constantly strive to innovate in the realm of infrastructure development. We are passionate about ensuring we stay ahead of the curve in regards to utility technology applications and telecommunication engineering. Recently, GlenMartin saw the need for more efficient backup power for communications tower installations. Sites that were inefficient required more human intervention… read more

Wind Turbine Development

Wind turbines have been around for decades, but they have long been the realm of major utility firms. We are always looking for new ways of making technology function in the marketplace. Often new ideas don’t get implemented because no one makes the business innovation that makes it work.  We are introducing an innovative new… read more

Upgrade to an Intelligent Self-Monitoring Tower

Structures continue to be the key method of supporting increased demands for wireless technology. As these demands grow our structures must develop with these demands. Intelligent structures and health monitoring is critical to an improved overall operation. Are most upgrades really warranted? Is the structure actually operating at a critical level that requires appropriate steel reinforcements? Does… read more

Using Adhesives to Upgrade Telecom Towers

At GlenMartin we deal with a lot of the ins and outs of infrastructure development on a daily basis. We run into a myriad of questions in regards to upgrading telecom towers. If you are considering using adhesives to upgrade your telecom towers, check out these tips we have compiled on how to best use… read more

18 Tips for a Successful Tower Upgrade

A successful tower upgrade requires significant planning and preparation. As with anything in the telecommunication systems industry, it is important to have a well-structured plan before beginning. In that vein our expert telecommunication engineering team has compiled these helpful tips for you to keep in mind when considering a tower upgrade. As always contact our… read more

Hidden Factors in Tower Upgrades

Highly intensive tower upgrades require a depth of knowledge in a variety of areas including structural steel and concrete design, foundation engineering, soils, construction engineering, and manufacturing/fabrication methods. Proper installation should be thought out well in advance prior to execution. The ability to fabricate components on site is an exceptional capability that offers enormous versatility.… read more