Asset and Site Management

Power Transmission Tower with Telecom Antenna Collocation

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Our telecom project site development team offers asset and site management services on behalf of utility companies. Many existing facilities offer excellent locations for possible collocation of future antennas, support of optical fiber cabling, or microwave backhaul links. Our asset management team seeks long-term relationships with power transmission, distribution, and utility companies. Compliance and national safety standards must be met with dual-purpose facilities. Power Transmission structures and distribution facilities offer numerous telecommunication opportunities for improved wireless coverage. For complete infrastructure management, turn to our expert telecom consulting team for help. 
On November 15, 2007, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) reaffirmed Pacific Gas & Electric Co.’s (PG&E) continued use of a revenue sharing mechanism via their findings posted in E-10, Docket No. EL07-91-000. The Commission determined that PG&E’s revenue sharing mechanism for secondary products and services continue to provide an appropriate incentive. The commission further determined that revenues from such products and services will be maximized for the good of both the ratepayers and shareholders.

GlenMartin seeks to broker and advance telecommunication opportunities on behalf of the utility group. We maximize client relationship engagement opportunities with possible telecom co-location tenants. Our support includes initial utility power right-of-way lease negotiation for space on transmission facilities, utility towers, ground lease with right away and monopole access followed by ongoing management of these assets. GlenMartin’s strong Carrier relationship model ensures communication is maintained at a very professional level. Is your utility company maximizing your pole access fees?

Let us negotiate on your behalf and maximize your revenue generation potential. Our inspection and auditing teams will verify consistency with the original agreements signed. It’s not so uncommon to see additional telecommunication equipment collocated on a transmission structure or pole. Are you dealing with cable companies or communication service providers who won’t honor your monopole access agreements? We ensure your facilities are properly utilized in accordance with contracts and agreements mutually signed. Together, let’s make everyone’s experience a better one. Mutual collaboration can benefit both the communication provider and the utility groups with all shareholders and ratepayers benefiting from improved telecom service.

Long-term asset and infrastructure management offer many potential opportunities. A few of these telecommunication opportunities include:

-Opex reduction to manage third party relationships

-Increased revenue generation with existing infrastructure

-Reduced difficulties in opportunity evaluation

-Better opportunities for consideration with greater frequency

-Improved application review process

-In-house structural and architectural planning team ensures your structure is not overloaded

-Possible structural upgrades ensure high quality, optimized performance, improved reliability and structural compliance

-Regular routine site visits and audits ensure your facilities are not being utilized improperly.

-Improved security and engagement with third-party groups that will touch the site

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