2018 GlenMartin Brand Acquired

Christopher Martin,  3/24/2018
2018 is a year to get back to basics.    GlenMartin Holding Co, LLC was closed on December 31st 2017.    The GlenMartin brand was sold along with its intellectual property to Locust8.   This acquisition marks a shift in the GlenMartin brand focus.   Locust8 brands include T-BOA and ALTAWERK brands.  Locust8 is active in seeking out expanded partnerships and relationships around the world of Internet of Things “IOT”.

Locust8 Focus:

Locust8 is a technology company focused on advancing IOT.    A key focus of Locust8 will be the advancement of the B-Bend fold-over product line and integrated intelligence both for roadway, pipelines, railroad, smart city and campus applications.    GlenMartin’s Fold-Over product recently branded B-Bend has served a sensing and data centric focus for almost 40 years.    Great opportunity in expanded sensing applications and small cell exist for the B-Bend product.    Dense small cell coupled with localized sensing is a recipe for rich real time data acquisition.    “Edge Computing” and “IOT Sensing” coupled together has enormous market potential.

Project Management Optimization  /     B-BEND Fold-Overs  /   “IOT” – Sensing/Management

2018 GlenMartin Logo and Website Re-Branding:

Expect to see a re-branding of the famous GlenMartin logo and website.    Most of the products and services GlenMartin has been known for years will no longer be offered.    While the B-Bend Foldover product will remain many of the best known products and services will no longer be offered.   This includes the sell of towers, mounts and much more.    Our B-Bend foldovers will be a anchor product with a goal of advancing IOT management and sensing solutions.

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