Sensing on Wheels

When it comes to innovative system solutions, we at GlenMartin offer best in class solutions. Recently, we worked with a leading wireless carrier who utilizes our small trailers on wheels to offer best in class wireless services with small cell.    These trailers offer a low cost answer to deployment and are easy to locate a parking space for collocation in dense urban areas.

“These mobile towers are a fast cost effective solution to many communication and sensing challenges.”

The deployment of these telescoping tower trailer can take all of 15 minutes. They can reach 50 feet and be outfitted with a vast array of communication equipment from wireless to satellite.

Sensing Tower and Management
Sensing Tower

The telescoping towers were utilized by a national wireless carrier to improve urban wireless coverage during events.  The cell on wheels was a perfect fit as they’ve been commonly known for years. The network was deployed quickly, and securely. When the event was over the whole system was ready to be deployed to a new location with little or no effort. There was no need for costly deployments.

We have seen these towers used by the defense department, departments of transportation, and corporations requiring a rapidly deployed solution for their communications and sensing applications. Quick rapid deployment and economical cell on wheels are paramount for first responders and remote facilities. Large multi-national oil companies look to GlenMartin for these answers. These mobile towers on trailers are serviced by satellite, LoRa, SigFox, CAT 1 and wireless point to point “PTP” data communication bridges. GlenMartin’s mobile tower system is the perfect solution. They offer flexibility and complete mobility via a standard over the road towing vehicles. Contact us to find out more about our mobile tower solutions. We have a variety of telecommunication equipment for sale and we can help you find the right mobile or permanent solution.

Ask about our hosted solution!     We deploy on your behalf and offer for a fraction of the cost.    Let’s us manage your IOT Infrastructure and offer seamless Interoperability.

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