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Here at GlenMartin we are the industry leaders in infrastructure development. Not only do we provide telecom and utility infrastructure development services, we also provide the highest quality telecom equipment available on the market. Part of what helps our products stand out from the rest is the fact that we are constantly innovating. Our company is comprised of a team of highly incredibly intelligent, knowledgeable engineers who strive to always manufacture products we can stand by.

Whether you are looking for antenna towers for sale or you need to find the right mounts and tower accessories for a GlenMartin tower you already own, you know you can trust us to provide you with the absolute best products. So why should you choose GlenMartin equipment?

The following are a few of the major reasons you should turn to us for antenna tower mounts and accessories:

  • Workmanship & Quality: Although some companies may promise you low price points, we promise you something better. We promise you high quality. While our products are still competitively priced, we absolutely refuse to cut corners when it comes to the quality of the end product. Afterall, even if you save money up front, your savings will be negated by a product that fails early or requires heavy amounts of maintenance.
  • Warranties To Back Our Word: We don’t ask you to trust our word blindly. We back up what we claim about our products with some of the best industry warranties available. Most of our products are backed by a full one year warranty. During that time the original purchaser can reach out to us if a replacement or repair is required. Talk to us about specific product warranties.
  • Shipping Options: GlenMartin is proud to provide a variety of shipping options with minimal time involved in the process. Because we are located in a central part of the country, our shipping times are some of the lowest possible no matter where you are located in the United States.

These are only a few of the many reasons GlenMartin is the chosen provider for telecom equipment for a variety of commercial and private entities. Learn more below about the specific accessories and mounts we provide for our antenna towers. If you are looking for an antenna tower for sale, peruse our main products page.

Our Quality Mounts

When it comes to choosing the right mount for your needs, we strive to ensure the process is simple and straightforward for you. If, however, you run into questions, please feel free to reach out to our team. As leaders in the telecom industry, we have encountered pretty much every situation imaginable. If we do not have the solution you are seeking, we will work to find a way to make it happen for you.

  • DM-0400 Dish Mount: This high quality mount is designed to support a wide array of microwave dishes. The mount is created with high quality materials and is hot dipped galvanized to meet the standards of ASTM A-123. Click on the product title to learn more about the specifications of this mount.
  • HM-0510 Mount: This mount is sold as a single sector mount. However, three units can be purchased in order to create a triangular three sector arrangement. Manufactured with high quality materials this product has been galvanized and comes with optional tie back assembly. Check out the product page to learn more about the specification for this high quality antenna mount.
  • DM-0600 Dish Mount: If you are seeking a mount assembly created with large dish installations in mind, this could be the right mount option for you. With optional leveling capabilities for tapered leg sections, this product is both versatile and high quality. Click on the product name to learn more about the specifications of this antenna mount assembly.
  • AM-1200wd Pole Platform Antenna Mount With Work Decks: This pole platform mount is designed to be installed with or without a handrail. Opt for no handrail for a low profile mount. This antenna mount comes with a universal leg mount with all-thread studs, allowing for installation on 16” and 24” diameter poles. Click on the product to learn more about the specifications.
  • AM-1200 Pole Platform Antenna Mount: This high quality platform mount is designed with premium materials and comes with 12 antenna mount pipes. This mount has holes that allow for 4-mount, 6-mount, or even 9-mount configurations. Check out the products specifications on the dedicated product page.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above-listed mounts, please reach out to our team. We are happy to discuss pricing and shipping with you, as well as specific product warranties.

The Variety of Antenna Tower Accessories We Carry

If you are also seeking premium antenna tower accessories we carry a large array of products to fit a variety of needs. Check out our accessory products below and click on any item to learn more about the specifications of each product:

Reach out today to learn more about any of our quality antenna tower mounts and accessories.

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