The Benefits of A High Quality Folding Tower

When it comes to finding an antenna tower for sale, the options are endless. However, the quality of the product you purchase will determine how worthwhile of an investment you have made. If you are seeking quality antenna towers for sale, you have reached the right place. Here at GlenMartin we are passionate about ensuring the products we provide are the highest in quality possible. Not only do we provide premium quality products, we pair these products with a variety of industry leading services. We can assist you with any of the following telecommunication systems services:

  • Construction Project Management: If you are looking for experienced, knowledgeable experts who understand everything there is to know about telecommunication systems, you are looking for our team. Our construction project managers are professionals with a highly technical understanding of the construction process.
  • Engineering/Architecture: We provide high quality technical services aimed at supporting the rapid growth of the internet, both in wireline and wireless fields. Our engineers are licensed in all 50 states. We also provide the support you need for structural tower upgrades.
  • Site Development Services: We can help you with anything from site selection to site acquisition. We are experts in the field and can assist you with leasing, collocation, permitting, zoning, engineering, architecture, and construction management.
  • Asset and Site Management: GlenMartin provides industry leading site management services on behalf of utility companies. We can help existing facilities capitalize on possible collocations of future antennas and other potential asset improvements.
  • Cell Site Representation and Management: Our team can provide representation before all major commercial carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile for both commercial and private property owners. We bring the technical knowledge needed in order to properly evaluate a proposed deal. Don’t face the carriers alone; work with our team on your side.

If you need assistance with any of the above or you are interested in purchasing one of our high quality fold over towers, please reach out to our team. Read below to learn more about the outstanding benefits of folding towers.

End the Struggle Of Maintenance

One of the most costly components of antenna towers is the price of maintenance. It is inevitable that you will need to access mounted items over time in order to maintain these items. In order to maintain a traditional antenna tower you must employ the use of expensive equipment and specialized technician labor. Fold over towers do precisely what they sound like they do, they fold over, eliminating the need for expensive equipment. So how does a folding tower work?

In order to perform maintenance on a tilt over tower, you only have to follow some simple steps to service the tower. With a fold over tower, you simply turn a winch. This winch will lower the entire tower as it literally folds in half. This allows you to reach anything located above your normal reach. Instead of hiring a bucket truck for service, you can access any mounted item in a much easier fashion.

Applications for Folding Towers

Folding towers are excellent for a variety of applications. Any scenario in which a traditional antenna tower would be used is a candidate for this technologically advanced system. Not only are folding towers great for traditional antenna tower replacements, we even carry revolutionary turbine towers with tilt over designs. This product was created by our innovative team and provides extreme capacity at a maximum height (100’ Fold Over height).

The following are the variety of fold-over tower options and accessories we provide:

If you are interested in any of the above products, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team to ask about pricing and availability. Every single product we provide at GlenMartin is high quality and created with the latest industry technology. As true industry leaders we provide products that are above and beyond any other product on the market. We are constantly innovating and striving to ensure our clients have access to the latest and greatest. Not only can we assist you with the purchase of a tilt over antenna, we can also talk to you about the variety of services we provide. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions. We look forward to serving you and proving why GlenMartin is the team to call for all your telecom and utility infrastructure needs.

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