Have You Noticed These Stealthy Antenna Towers?

Antenna towers loom over the skyline and are as common a sight to most city dwellers as cars and buildings. However, there has been an advancement in the concealment of these antenna towers. Due to the ever increasing need for antenna towers throughout all towns and cities, solutions have been created to make antenna towers a little less noticeable to the passerby. Not everyone wants their skyline dotted with antenna towers, and often space constraints mean they need to be placed even amongst people’s homes. In this vein, if you are looking for an antenna tower for sale and you are interested in an innovative idea, check out these stealthy antenna tower ideas. Have you ever noticed these stealthy antenna towers in your city?

The Clock Tower

Clock towers are an extremely aesthetically pleasing item, often used in conjunction with landscaping for outdoor malls, movie theaters, shopping complexes, offices, event centers, and churches. A stone clock tower stands boldly, but provides a classic appearance. Not only does it look pretty, it provides an area for signage, advertisements, and of course a clock. What better solution for masking your antenna tower than implementing it in clock tower structure. You may have passed by numerous antenna towers you never even realized were there because of this stealth styling.

At GlenMartin we sell an outstanding Clock Antenna Tower. Our product comes with a 14 foot leg spread at the base and provides a three carrier solution. We provide optional architectural adjustments which allow you to customize the structure’s appearance to your liking. Our clock tower could be just the trick for implementing an antenna tower in a location where people might otherwise put up a fight. Trick a passersby into thinking you have simply improved the property, rather than detracted from it with a metal antenna tower structure. And look at ways you can also use this tower for signs and art.

Monopalm Tower

Trees are probably one of the most widely accepted landscaping components used in new developments. Who doesn’t want to look around and see the greenery of a tree’s leaves and the strength of their trunks? If you live in a location where palm trees thrive, you are extremely accustomed to seeing them in parking lots, by restaurants, in front of churches, dotting the roadside, and featured in front of stores as an eye catching decoration. But what if amongst these normal palm trees, there was a stealth antenna tower constructed to blend in with the natural trees? You may have passed by these antenna towers without ever even knowing it.

GlenMartin offers just such a solution with our Monopalm Tower. This unique structure allows you to capture the beauty of palm trees in a practical way. If you have been struggling in your search for an antenna tower for sale that can fit your landscaping needs, we might have the perfect solution with our Monopalm Tower. Don’t live in an area with palm trees? You can still implement this fun tower as an amusing perk for your local community.

Our Monopalm Tower comes with a standard 100 foot height. It has optional bark or you can stick to a standard painted pole structure solution. We also have optional branch configurations available. Talk to us about the multi port heights option if you are interested in this feature.

If you have been looking for an antenna tower for sale and you are interested in heading down a route with a little more flair, consider our unique antenna tower solutions. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about these creative antenna towers.

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