2016 GlenMartin Business Plans and Focus

Christopher Martin, CEO, P.E. 1/9/2016
Can everyone believe 2016 is already upon us? 2015 flew by with lots of new and exciting events. The field of wireline and wireless infrastructure communications are converging. Terms such as “HetNet”, “Internet of Things” and “Big Data” are common expressions we all hear about and are experiencing. Interesting enough everyone is playing a role in transforming our network. GlenMartin sees their role as a developer who can lead the charge in solving some of our most challenging problems facing network expansion.

GlenMartin will continue to focus in 2016 within the field of site development. Site development as we understand it means all things related to establishing an operating and functioning communication facility. Emphasis will be placed in the initial stages of the process including site selection, site acquisition, environmental, zoning, architecture/engineering (A&E), auditing, permitting and the management of the construction process. We have always had a deep sense of understanding of these facilities but 2016 will bring new opportunities to our organization. Heightening our awareness of the facility, its function and its engagement with the surroundings is critical to finding success. Focus and discipline will become a trademark of our organization as we focus on the following core values within our organization [Trust, Knowledge, Passion, Collaboration and Humility]. These five character traits will complement our service offering.

“Service Offering”
Site Development – A&E – Products – Construction Project Management

For 2016 we’ve selected 5 character traits that we believe will take effort and focus to build. We believe it will take several years to perfect these traits within our organization. The challenge for 2016 is “can we do it”. Can we begin to exhibit these traits in all we do as an organization? Damon Richards said: “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Passionate employees bring care and attention to life when they solve challenging problems at work. GlenMartin seeks to build a passionate work environment. Those who do a job should enjoy what they do and this should show in their work.

Harry Firestone said: “I believe fundamental honesty is the keystone of business”. To be honest is to have trust as a cornerstone in your organization. As Zig Ziglar so famously said, “If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” Trust starts with leadership in an organization and spans to every aspect of the operation. GlenMartin seeks to be a trusted organization.

Knowledge is having the right answer. You can’t get the right answer without learning. So never stop learning. Knowledge must be shared within an organization. Hoarding knowledge never gets you anywhere. As Ben Franklin said, “Knowledge pays the best interest”. GlenMartin will seek to hire individuals who seek to continually grow their knowledge and improve their self-worth.

Collaboration is one of our highly desired qualities. So much more can be accomplished as a team than by ourselves. Henry Ford figured this out. He most notably said: “Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is success”. Today we have so many distractions that divide us and prevent us from truly collaborating. GlenMartin will seek to collaborate as a team.

Our final and most important quality is Humility. This quality is the glue that holds us together as an organization. As they say, “Dream Big, Work Hard, and Stay Humble”. It’s not easy to do but it’s the quality that will define us as an organization. Humility is not a weak quality but rather a very strong quality that requires confidence and self-balance. GlenMartin will push hard in 2016 to establish these qualities in everything we do and push hard from within our organization to envelop these traits.

Our Addison Texas based “Site Development” team is excited to usher in another year. We realize the networks we build are changing our lives and writing a new chapter in history. Our team is well represented with members who have extensive experience. Recruiting efforts are expanding as we seek to continue to hire talent. This will fuel the growth of our company as we seek to add additional talent to our already exceptional team.

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