GlenMartin Focused on A&E in 2015

Christopher Martin, CEO, P.E. 5/7/2015

GlenMartin has heightened its focus in 2015 within the field of architecture/engineering (A&E) and construction management of communication infrastructure.     We have always had a deep sense of understanding of these facilities but 2015 seems to be our defining year.     Communication infrastructure is rapidly changing with technology advancements.    Laws and regulations are constantly updating, changing and adapting within a multidimensional landscape of wireline and wireless technology.    GlenMartin believes the digital revolution has only begun with many more pages to be written within this landscape of wireline and wireless infrastructure.    Companies who seek to understand and build systems who truly adapt and function within a community will emerge as winners within this highly competitive race.

GlenMartin offers a unique perspective as a vertically integrated design group.      For 34 years the company has fabricated structures and systems.    GlenMartin’s sister company Chouteau Fabricating, Inc. is entirely focused on the design and fabrication of fabricated components for communication infrastructure.   For the last 5 years Chouteau has fabricated GlenMartin engineered components.     Chouteau continues to fabricate new and exciting solutions that will advance the structures and support systems within this expanding industry.

For example we currently have an R&D effort underway to expand the use of tension fabric.     Tension fabric has been used within building architecture for many years.    It offers many unique features including the ability to create unique styles and lines within a structure.       GlenMartin finds tension fabric to offer many unique opportunities for the expansion and improvement of a cell tower or small cell site.    Tension fabric offers excellent shading characteristics which ultimately reduces sun exposure, HVAC requirements and operational cycle requirements.     The sun adversely affects sensitive telecom equipment including a battery’s ability to properly recharge/cycle.    We are exploring tension fabric for wind load shedding.    The potential exists to minimize wind loading on direct structural components via the use of independently supported tension columns.

A tension fabric façade offers unique opportunities to hide excessive antenna clusters, coax stacks and structural support members while at the same time minimize exposure to the sun.    Most importantly we feel telecom structures must address an ever important emphasis in artistic design.    This industry has made a poor attempt at addressing community concerns related to planning and zoning.    We must find better ways to integrate communication systems within our urban landscape.    Better efforts must be made to build systems with dual and multi purposes.   GlenMartin therefore is currently focusing extensive research into the increasing opportunities surrounding tension fabric.    We expect global opportunities within this expanding opportunity.    The concept is not new but the application is.    This makes GlenMartin unique as an A&E group.

Our Addison Texas based A&E team is growing rapidly.     We are excited to serve both US and International opportunities out of this office.    Our team is well represented with members who have extensive experience.    We will continue to expand our expertise into associated fields within communication infrastructure development, including RF planning, RF design, real estate site selection, site acquisition, legal drafting, negotiation, expert witness testimony, and project management as we strive to become a leading A&E firm.       Recruiting efforts are expanding as we seek to hire from a solid base of talent in the DFW market.     This will fuel the growth of our company as we seek to add additional talent to our already exceptional team.

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