Wind Turbine Development

infrastructure solutions for wind turbines - GlenMartinWind turbines have been around for decades, but they have long been the realm of major utility firms. We are always looking for new ways of making technology function in the marketplace. Often new ideas don’t get implemented because no one makes the business innovation that makes it work.  We are introducing an innovative new program that is scalable and makes financial sense. We are partnering with local municipalities, universities, counties, and small countries to bring wind power to their location. Locations that can demonstrate a fixed base of consumers and the wind conditions necessary to sustain a local wind turbine are candidates for our program. When these conditions exist we will pull together a development package. We commission the turbine and maintain it, while the consumers are partnered with us over time to purchase the electricity. This win-win arrangement is filling a marketplace where the big utilities are not likely to move.


Case Study: University of Missouri

Universities have a unique goal of allowing engineering students to study wind technology, and reaping the benefit of clean energy. We will be placing a 20 kW turbine at their location. This will be a first for this university and be a great example of how GlenMartin sees working with local government, institutions, and even large business campuses to generate clean power that makes financial sense. It is a win-win for all parties involved.

Who Qualifies for our Program?

We are looking to promote our program in 3 phase 480 volt areas.  Expanded regions that do not operate in 3 phase will be available in the near future.  A potential location must have current power cost above $.20 per kWhr to be profitable and worth our while to review. Additionally, the area should have average sustained winds over 10 miles per hour (consult this resource for average wind speed Contact us for details, to see if your site qualifies for an installation.


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