Texas Size Tower Upgrade Challenge

Telecom Infrastructure project in Texas
Everything in Texas is “BIG”. So was the challenge with a recent tower modification performed by GlenMartin in Freeport Texas.  The Texas-size problem was ironically  due to the lack of space found at the site. Initially design engineers proposed the use of helical anchors as a means of upgrading the foundations overturning capacity.  Helical anchors typically are a great answer to minimally invasive methods in improving foundation capacity. However, due to challenges related to access, the foundation was modified to a pure mat foundation. Two outdoor shelters along with Four outdoor base station platforms surrounded the outer perimeter of the self-supporting tower.  Ultimately 200 yards of concrete were added to the existing caisson foundation. Due to the number of collocations situated on the structure, additional challenges were experienced with tower steel surmounted to the entire height of the structure. If these challenges weren’t enough, we had Texas size heat–non-stop 100 degree days made this site an extremely challenging and difficult upgrade to perform successfully.

telecommunication engineering in TexasDespite the Texas size challenges, GlenMartin finished the project on time and on budget. Tower upgrades are always demanding because each situation has unique issues. Engineers with a bevy of solutions and experience can make or break a project. Experienced construction teams work closely with our engineering to bring it all together with real world solutions that fit your project and tower with the perfect upgrade. That is why we are an industry leader in infrastructure development.

Tower upgrades are the norm these days due to limited siting options in metro wireless coverage markets. Municipalities demand collocation as an absolute rather than constructing a new raw land facility. Cost needs to be evaluated in time as well as materials and labor. Not having the latest generation of network equipment on your tower adds up to big losses fast. So, we factor in all of this to present you with a solution, not just a cheap bid that will win the contract but cost you thousands. In the end, getting it done right means hiring a firm like GlenMartin. We take telecommunication engineering seriously and will strive to ensure you receive the highest quality service possible. Contact us today for infrastructure management services.

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