DC Power Generation Innovation

Telecommunication engineering work performed by GlenMartin
At GlenMartin we constantly strive to innovate in the realm of infrastructure development. We are passionate about ensuring we stay ahead of the curve in regards to utility technology applications and telecommunication engineering.

Recently, GlenMartin saw the need for more efficient backup power for communications tower installations. Sites that were inefficient required more human intervention in refueling and site maintenance. This is particularly true for sites that are in very remote locations or locations in developing nations where grid power is less reliable. This challenge required a method to monitor the sites remotely.

GlenMartin’s solution was to build a system that enabled the diesel engine to run at optimal load for more sustained bursts of time via a battery bank. Most systems merely kick on the generator with its diesel engine and run at very low loads with unpredictable amounts of  time. This is inefficient because the diesel engine does not reach its optimal load efficiency and operates with multiple stops and starts throughout a 24 hour period. Our system levels these systems characteristics out and allows us to tune the diesel engine to run at its optimal speed corresponding to an output amperage. These optimal conditions save fuel and minimize wear and tear on the system. This is all done through an internet-based monitoring system and a preprogrammed control system. The results are excellent and the costs are dramatically reduced minimizing human intervention time with a further reduction in operating costs.

This is just one example of how GlenMartin sees a challenge and finds solutions that maximize resources and provide great financial outcomes. GlenMartin is a leader in utility technology applications and telecommunication services.

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