18 Tips for a Successful Tower Upgrade

infrastructure services for telecommunication by GlenMartinA successful tower upgrade requires significant planning and preparation. As with anything in the telecommunication systems industry, it is important to have a well-structured plan before beginning. In that vein our expert telecommunication engineering team has compiled these helpful tips for you to keep in mind when considering a tower upgrade. As always contact our team if you run into questions along the way.

The following recommendations shall be considered during an upgrade of tower steel and foundations.

  1. Weather (Temperature and Wind- reasonably static conditions).
  2. The moisture content of the soil (dry or damp conditions).
  3. Will sheet pilings or sub soil reinforcement be required?
  4. Will my actions affect adjoining properties adversely?
  5. Properly tie back all ancillary components including waveguide ladders, bridges, side arms & T-Booms.
  6. Think before you act on any upgrade remediation project.   What are the consequences if I remove soil, bracing or hardware?
  7. Train your personnel well with established procedures and practices. There is no substitute for a well thought out work plan.
  8. There is no substitute for qualified personnel.  Example: Core drilling can become extremely challenging below 4’. A qualified team can be the difference between success and failure.
  9. Challenging excavations associated with congested sites require close attention to detail.  Telecom sites must continue to operate during an upgrade.
  10. Safety is the first concern. Stress safety every day.  Upgrades are much more dangerous than standard new tower construction projects.
  11. Utilize firms that have a strong understanding of all aspects of the upgrade process.
  12. Depending on the municipality plan for additional inspections. Inspectors will scrutinize your results much closer than a standard new raw-land construction project.
  13. Utilize the proper tools suited for the best results.
  14. There is no substitute to good rigging. Know and understand your rigging plan.
  15. All structural upgrades shall be completed in accordance with applicable AISC methods.
  16. A qualified engineer shall be present at all times during a difficult upgrade project. There is no substitute for strong technical expertise during a difficult tower upgrade.
  17. Never operate without proper fire extinguishers.
  18. Remediate the site properly to its original condition.

A successful tower upgrade does not happen by chance.  Establishing good processes and protocols will result in excellent results both your client and team will be proud of.  We hope these 18 tips for a successful tower upgrade have given you a great place to begin. Handling the intricacies of telecom infrastructure can be challenging. When you need an expert team, turn to GlenMartin. We are here to provide you with our industry expertise.

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